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Feb 23

What you wear during your engagement session will set the tone for your photos. It’s important to highlight your individual personality, while keeping in mind the vibe you have with your partner. Of course, the most crucial part of your session is the celebration of your engagement, but don’t you want to look and feel your best as well?! These are the top 5 tips we give all our couples to prepare for an engagement session.

Mix, Don’t Match
You know that family photo in your childhood home of everybody wearing a white tee-shirt and jeans? Sure, it’s fun to look back on those baby faces, but the photo lacks individuality and character.  Don’t drown yourself in a monotonous sea of denim. We recommend choosing complementary color palettes for each person. For example, one of you could focus on cool pastel tones, while the other brings in hints of navy, browns, and earthy tones. Both are relatively neutral but have their own distinct characteristics that bring out the best in each other. Just like your relationship! Ball Photo Co Fine Art Film Wedding Photographers Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photographer 5 Mind the Season
Most engagement sessions take place outdoors, so keep an eye on the forecast and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. For instance, if it’s mid-winter, be prepared with a sweater, either in your outfit or on the side to keep warm between shots.  (Even in Arizona, we get cold!) That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear a dress or short sleeves, just make sure you have what you need to stay in the moment.  Nothing’s worse than being constantly aware of how uncomfortably cool or warm you are – you don’t want to look uncomfortable in your forever photos! Say Yes to the Dress(y)
Your engagement session is your opportunity to dress up as much as you want. Whether that means wearing a flowy maxi dress, or a well-tailored suit, this is your excuse to go all out! When you dress your best, you feel your best. And when you feel amazing, you look amazing. Isn’t that the best possible mood for an engagement session? Ball Photo Co Fine Art Film Wedding Photographers Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photographer 4 Comfort is King (& Queen)
As a disclaimer for the above, if it makes you cringe at the thought of wearing a tie, well, then DON’T. Remember, these photos are a representation of you two. So, if you’re wearing something that just isn’t “you,” then you’re not being true to yourself. Make sure you LOVE your outfits, and only pick clothing that sparks joy in your heart and feels good on your skin. Otherwise your discomfort will come through in your photos, and nobody wants that! Two Are Better Than One
Strongly consider bringing two outfits. This way you can have a formal outfit, and a casual outfit. Or just two outfits that you really like! Either way, it’s a good idea, because it will give you more variety in your photos, and it will make the outfit process a little easier knowing you will have options. The only thing with this is to make sure your outfits still follow all the rules above about coordinating & comfort. If you’re ever unsure of which outfits should be paired, or need help narrowing them down, just ask your photographer! They will know what photographs best! Ball Photo Co Fine Art Film Wedding Photographers Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photographer 3 Be Prepared for Anything
When you’re packing up for your session, take time to think outside the box. Are you planning to wear heels for your photos, but you’re likely to do some hiking in the desert? Do you have an emergency makeup kit for smudges? What if your dress snags on a stray cactus spine? A few other things we recommend to our couples: enough water, a second outfit for variety (maybe one dressy, one casual), and any extra items you hope to use in the photos.  Some couples use mementos like love letters, or props like a blanket. Give yourself time while packing to make extra sure you have everything you might need. But the most important thing is to bring your best self, and your photos will turn out amazing, no matter what you wear, bring, or do!

There‘s a lot to remember when prepping for your engagement session, so we created a free checklist to make 100% sure you have everything you need! Click the button below to download.

Engagement session checklist

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